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  • The Institute of International Education (IIE) selected TCU’s QEP: Discovering Global Citizenship to receive in 2015 the prestigious IIE Award for internationalizing the campus.

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  • TCU Visiting Scholar: Ethan Casey

    Author Ethan Casey is a TCU Visiting Scholar this year.


In Focus

Presents images and narrative of innovation in the field, around the world and down the street, documenting students, faculty and staff in the act of discovering our common global citizenship.
  • The Visiting Scholars program provides funding for campus visits by distinguished scholars, writers, and practitioners with expertise in developing countries and communities, particularly in areas where TCU cannot take students due to State Department travel warnings. These visits can be of short duration (2 – 3 days) or, if combined with funding from external sources, such as the State Department’s Scholar Rescue Program, for as long as two years. Visiting Scholars will share their academic expertise and provide firsthand cultural insights. Visiting Scholars will ideally enhance (...Read More)

  • Virtual Voyage applies various technologies to engage and improve the educational experience by connecting students, faculty and staff across the voids—both physical and political—that separate us. Virtual Voyage is based upon the idea that digital technology removes geographic location as a limitation and notes that humanity and its institutions are still in the bulb-flash of that reality. In a short period of time the initial fascination with social media and digital manifestations (such as Massive Open Online Courses) will likely alter the academic landscape, as new generations of (...Read More)

  • TCU has a sustained history of study abroad with emphasis on short-term, faculty-led programs that expose students to the world in meaningful ways. Discovering Global Citizenship has established two priorities: first, TCU seeks study abroad opportunities that promote intercultural learning through engagement and reflective conversations while abroad. Secondly, TCU intends to increase the number of students studying in underrepresented locations, such as Panama, Brazil, China, India and Africa. Like many U.S. institutions, Western Europe remains the most prevalent study abroad destination (...Read More)

  • The Global Academy is a multi-disciplined academic experience in which students analyze a global issue in the classroom coupled with a visit to a country where the issue is of paramount importance. For the immediate future, the TCU Global Academy will build upon the collaboration established with the international epicenter for investigation—the City of Knowledge in Panama. The ultimate goal is an undergraduate sequence of 3 courses (6 credit hours total) designed to explore a specific global issue in its local context. This will be an important curricular pathway that will attract both (...Read More)

  • Local Global Leaders is a program designed to engage TCU with its own considerable “home” international communities for the purpose of expanding internationalized teaching, research and service capacities. By identifying and collaborating with international experts from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as those with strong ties to the DFW area, TCU can provide its students with opportunities to address real-world problems in real-life scenarios by engaging with global citizens in our own community. The DFW area is rich with foundations, businesses, NGOs and other nonprofits (...Read More)

  • The Global Innovators program brings groundbreaking individuals from developing countries to the TCU campus to participate in multi-disciplined curricular and co-curricular programs. Following the visit, engagement between the TCU community and the Global Innovator is sustained through virtual correspondence and an ongoing project funded by a grant awarded to one or more academic departments. Download PDF