Gerald Oriol, Jr. is Haiti’s Secretary of State for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities. His agency provides services to an estimated one million disabled persons – approximately 10% of Haiti’s population.

Oriol’s agency collaborates with USAID, the World Bank, the United Nations, the Organization of American States, and numerous non-governmental organizations. Oriol serves as a member of President Michel Martelly’s cabinet and has represented Haiti at disability conferences in Qatar, Ecuador and the United States.

Prior to his appointment, Oriol worked for several years as a consultant for a company engaged in the sale and distribution of drinking water. He is also a shareholder in TECINA SA, a Haitian company specialized in the study, management and performance of construction projects.

In 2006, Oriol co-founded Fondation J’Aime Haiti [I Love Haiti Foundation], a nonprofit that champions the rights of disabled and impoverished persons in Haiti. J’Aime Haiti developed several notable programs including L’Espoir Par Education [Hope Through Education], which awards scholarships to children of low-income families and the Sainte Marie Cyber Center, a ten-computer learning center in southern Port-au-Prince that serves approximate 250 children from surrounding communities on a rotating schedule.