Local Global Leaders is a program designed to engage TCU with its own considerable “home” international communities for the purpose of expanding internationalized teaching, research and service capacities. By identifying and collaborating with international experts from the Dallas-Fort Worth area, as well as those with strong ties to the DFW area, TCU can provide its students with opportunities to address real-world problems in real-life scenarios by engaging with global citizens in our own community. The DFW area is rich with foundations, businesses, NGOs and other nonprofits functioning at the global level, sending out leaders and bringing them here for strategic planning. Fort Worth and Dallas are major stops on the fundraising and awareness-building tours for many of the world’s prominent thinkers, activist, and philanthropists. From undocumented refugees to corporate executives, DFW is home to thousands of people who began their lives in other countries who can offer the TCU community a wealth of experience and intellectual capital.

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