TCU - Global Citizenship


Discovering Global Citizenship features six initiatives to spark new interest in international  programs at TCU.  Visiting Scholars, Local Global Leaders, Global Innovators and Virtual Voyage aim to bring the world to TCU while TCU Abroad and the Global Academy offer new opportunities for TCU students to engage with communities throughout the world.

  • Visiting Scholars

    The Visiting Scholars program provides funding for campus visits by distinguished scholars, writers, and practitioners with expertise in developing countries and communities, particularly in (...Read More)
  • Virtual Voyage

    Virtual Voyage applies various technologies to engage and improve the educational experience by connecting students, faculty and staff across the voids—both physical and political—that (...Read More)
  • TCU Abroad

    TCU has a sustained history of study abroad with emphasis on short-term, faculty-led programs that expose students to the world in meaningful ways. Discovering Global Citizenship has established (...Read More)
  • Global Academy

    The Global Academy is a multi-disciplined academic experience in which students analyze a global issue in the classroom coupled with a visit to a country where the issue is of paramount (...Read More)
  • Local Global Leaders

    Local Global Leaders is a program designed to engage TCU with its own considerable “home” international communities for the purpose of expanding internationalized teaching, research and (...Read More)
  • Global Innovators

    The Global Innovators program brings groundbreaking individuals from developing countries to the TCU campus to participate in multi-disciplined curricular and co-curricular programs. Following (...Read More)